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La Escuelita

A Letter from our Directors

September 2020

Bienvenidos! What a strange new reality we now live in. As we, along with the world, attempt to navigate life while COVID-19 presents a significant threat, the importance of social emotional learning in preschool cannot be clearer. We all need human connection, especially young children, and we are now being challenged to facilitate it in a safer, and sometimes more physically distant, manner than ever before. And never has it been more apparent that we must not only personally demonstrate respect for others from all racial, ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds, but demand it from society and government.

Re-opening our doors to children this September 2020 was a cathartic experience for teachers and staff. Despite the necessary heightened COVID-19 safety procedures, children still need each other and need loving and attentive adults to help guide them as they explore their world.

We are in our 18th operating year as a school and our 4th year at 225 West 99th Street. Our NAEYC accredited preschool has now served hundreds of families in NYC from over 65 zip codes. What guides us is our deep commitment to early acquired bilingualism in Spanish and English, play based education and respectful communication and relations with each other in a diverse society.

In practice, teachers use an emergent curriculum that implements effective research based practices. We prioritize Spanish immersion, in which the teachers engage with the children in Spanish for at least 90% of the school day. We promote pre-literacy and literacy skills through natural and meaningful activities like social dramatic play, classroom meetings and discussions as well as through high-quality children's books in our library and classrooms. In math, we follow children's learning trajectories based on research on how they acquire mathematical thinking. Art is an opportunity for children to explore different media and promote individual styles and self-expression. Science is explored through children's natural questions and wonderings as well as through formal experiments.

Please continue to explore our remarkable school and community. From our committed teachers to our dedicated board of directors, all of us at La Escuelita welcome the opportunity to share our stories, knowledge and experience with you and your children. To learn more, click the button above to make an inquiry or register for a Virtual Information Session. We hope to meet you soon!


Kelley Grant and Emily Marmolejos

Executive Director and Educational Director

La Escuelita